Xp clients not updating dns

A host can be used to maps hostnames associated with malware to a different IP address (such as a loopback address,

This will prevent connections to those malicious sites from ever taking place.

Malware can even turn a machine into a “zombie”, and be an unwilling participant spam sending or relaying, address harvesting, or DDOS attacks against other computers.

One of the more popular techniques for fighting malware among home users is through the use of a host file for DNS redirection.

Windows gained majority usage share in the 1990s, on desktops (the computer platform then taking over), eventually described as "dominant" (and still has a majority as a "desktop OS") but is not dominant across all platforms (while latest version runs on all platforms).

On smartphones, Android is dominant by any metric; its installed base is 1.8 billion, which tops Windows on PCs.

No operating system has a clear majority across all platforms or all regions; as judged by web use – a proxy for all use – Android has surpassed Windows, when counted across all platforms and regions.

Most of the computers that are showing up, I had to go to the local group policy and set them up for them to connect to my WSUS server.

There was a time that I didn't have to set up local Group Policy and the computers were getting the updates.

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