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“The irony is that the shorts were initially intended to be jogging suits.Cazwell says, “I wanted five pastel velour jogging suits for the video but we couldn't get them to look the way we wanted.In the video, Cazwell is seen wearing the jumpsuit trend in lace pastel designed by Hoza Rodrigeuz.

The last boy who ejaculates over the biscuit must eat the whole biscuit, semen and all. While some people were all for men running around in all-in-ones – especially if it meant teaching men the difficulty of taking them off to pee on a night out – others were less than impressed, suggesting it was a rather hipster move.But forget about the male romper, just for a minute.The shorts haven’t come as part of a new fashion range.Cazwell has actually commissioned Hoza Rodriguez, designer and owner of the streetwear brand Hologram City, to create the pastel lace shorts with matching shirts for his next single, Loose Wrists.

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