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I'm looking forward to seeing what Teen Chat will look like in the future.

Everyone I've met on here loves this site too, and we all meet up on here.

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so she paid rent, but my trash went from 90 to a month too for renting the duplex out!

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Discuss topics related to spirituality, higher consciousness, psychic abilities, angelic realm, spiritual healing, mental, out of the body experiences, ESP's, witchcraft, mysteries about life and death etc. do u have something you really need to say but are afraid of what others might think??

Well it starts her mother seems to be living there, ok, fine, and the boyfriend of her -!

yes was seemingly in and out,smoking and once left a dog in the bathroom upstairs and it howled for an hour or more until they came back They said they put a muzzle on it and thought it could not cry?

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