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" he asked Tyler, who didn't miss a beat with his quick-witted reply. Hot, humid and happening...yeah, just like your daughter! Once she sang, Tyler was even more impressed, and joined Lopez and Jackson to unanimously send her through to the next round.

PHOTOS: 2012 winter TV preview The Tampa, Fla., teen wasn't the only one to wow on Wednesday's premiere. But it was the night's final auditioned Phillip Phillips who really blew the judges away. "[You have] something that makes people stop and stare.

kicked off its Hollywood auditions last night with a couple memorable performances and one painful cliffhanger.

But with these episodes already having been taped, the identities of the season's top 24 have leaked online.

He's got a nice lower register too, but that falsetto is simply to die for, just like his hair (swoon alert).

1) Adorable baby pictures and 2) Songs from my youth since these contestants are all fetuses. The contestants will be singing songs from 1983 to 1995 and Will.will be joining Jimmy Iovene to guide them.Joining them was Hallie Day, Deandre Brackensick, Aaron Marcellus and Chase Likens. Deandre especially showed off his chops with his rendition of "This Woman's Work," showcasing the falsetto that has won the hearts of many. “Skylar, let’s color-match some boots to go with your weird snakeskin-print kitchen-curtains dress!” Cut to Skylar in black stilettos — her stated obsession with boots apparently buried along with Shannon Magrane’s Idol dreams. ) Anyway, enough about the fashion that wasn’t; let’s talk about the music that was: De Andre Brackensick: “Only the Good Die Young” It was pretty clear De Andre was in trouble from the opening moments of his mentoring session, his eyes darting right, then left, like an injured gazelle cornered by a pair of hungry hyenas.

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