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Yes, it is a little odd being arrested for just walking next to someone of the opposite sex.But there is a hidden subculture that easily allows you to date and enjoy your time with a special someone in the kingdom.Merkel herself voted against the measure, but paved the way for Friday's vote after saying Monday that lawmakers could take up the issue as a "question of conscience" — freeing members of her conservative coalition, which has been against same-sex marriage, to individually vote for it.Germany has allowed same-sex couples to enter civil partnerships since 2001, but same-sex marriages remain illegal.If the rape victim first entered the rapist's company in violation of purdah, she also stands to be punished by the law's current holdings.Human Rights Watch has investigated the situation, and their report concludes that the rape victim is punished when they speak out against the crime.In Saudi culture, the Sharia is interpreted according to a strict Sunni form known as the way of the Salaf (righteous predecessors) or Wahhabism.The law is mostly unwritten, leaving judges with significant discretionary power which they usually exercise in favor of tribal traditions.

Yes, it is quite unnerving moving to one of the most conservative countries in the world.

All of Merkel's potential coalition partners after the Sept.

24 election, including the center-left Social Democrats of her challenger, Martin Schulz, have been calling for same-sex marriage to be legalized.

Saudi Arabia is executing people at a record clip this year.

The kingdom has killed 100 people so far and if the current pace continues the nation will surpass its modern-day execution record of 192, set back in 1995. Of the 100 people executed this year, 47 were convicted of non-violent drug crimes, according to Human Rights Watch. Vocativ analyzed the crimes for which a person can be sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia and compared them to the sentence a person would get for the same crime in the U. based on the federal government’s sentencing matrix.

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