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They drove to the airport two hours early, because Turner said he needed to fly back to Atlanta, Georgia, to keep a date with another girlfriend.

Furious, Jane wrote him a letter when she got home, saying they wouldn’t work as a couple.

In 1951, she was named the most "glamorous woman in the history of international art." Turner was discovered in 1936 at the Top Hat Malt Shop in Hollywood, California.

At the age of 16, she was signed to a personal contract by Warner Bros.

Her auburn hair was bleached blonde for a 1939 film at MGM, and she remained blonde for the rest of her life, except for a few film roles. Hyde, and her reputation as a glamorous femme fatale was enhanced by her performance in the film noir The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946).

During the early 1940s, Turner established herself as a leading actress in such films as Johnny Eager (1941), Honky Tonk (1941), Ziegfeld Girl (1941), and Somewhere I'll Find You (1942). Her popularity continued through the 1950s in such films as The Bad and the Beautiful (1952) and Peyton Place (1957), for which she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress.

“I don’t talk to no f***ing white boys,” the player said. “You’re looking for N*****town,” I was told with staggering nonchalance.

” But what I remember most was what he told Jane Fonda, whom he’d recently started dating.

In exclusive extracts from a new biography of Hollywood legend Jane Fonda, written by a friend who studied with her at drama school, we’ve heard about the insecurities that led her to a traumatic first marriage and then into the arms of revolutionaries. A nooner, as both women knew, was the term Turner used for regular lunchtime dalliances he’d enjoyed at the office before committing to Jane. ‘Yes, I love you madly and our sex is great,’ he said. I guess it’s like a tic, something I’ve gotten used to doing.

Here, in the final part of our series, we see Jane marry, tumultuously, for the third time . Naturally, the loyal assistant denied everything — but she stammered over her words. I’ve always needed a backup in case something happens between us.’Jane was flattered but ambivalent.

The acting is perfect - the maid, Hannah, Turner, his father - in fact all the cast are excellent.

But what lets it down, and what is unforgivable, is that even with an understanding of Turner's life this "biopic" doesn't tell a story.

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