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Then, in comes Rino’s clearly narcissistic best friend – skinny, ugly and looking like he stumbled out of bad 1970’s porno.He comes in and immediately begins riffing about his tight game and banging asthmatic chicks.

Ecco perché gli uomini consumano il 15% di calorie in più rispetto alle donne, arrivando a superarle perfino stando fermi davanti alla televisione.10) That fat zombie ripping apart was pretty sweet. Tra i principali fattori che influenzano il metabolismo si annoverano l’Ereditarietà, che determina la predisposizione di ciascuno ad avere un metabolismo lento o veloce, l’Età (il metabolismo rallenta dopo i 40 anni), l’Altezza (più si è alti e robusti, più si bruciano calorie) e infine il Sesso.Fatso is a Norwegian movie, released in 2008, about a fat, ugly man who cannot get laid.I will use the movie and its plot and characters to analyze the narcissism of the beta male – as typified by the main character, Rino, in the movie. Robert Glover’s book “No More Mister Nice Guy,” as through which a lens to understand why these sorts of males exist. Already, we can tell he is fat, unattractive and tremendously awkward – especially with women.

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He clearly has a crush on the cute blond at the checkout line – but has negative game and even trips when leaving the store. Rino makes and draws a series of cartoons in which his alter-ego – Captain Cock – either does things he won’t do in real life or is a scapegoat for the guilt Rino feels about his sexual feelings and desires.

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