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Jennifer was the world's fourth time traveler and the third human one. and Betty Parker, and the granddaughter of Danny Parker and his wife Betty Lapinski.

Jennifer and Marty seemed to be "serious" enough for him to introduce her to his best friend, local inventor Dr.

Emmett "Doc" Brown, whom she first regarded as eccentric and strange.

Jennifer is mostly a positive person, knowing what to say to Marty if he needed cheering up, and wondering what happy life she might have in the future.

Parker and Tame Impala (which includes keyboardist/guitarists Dominic Simper and Jay Watson, bassist Cam Avery and drummer Julien Barbagallo when the band plays live) is ­lighting up 2015's ­festival circuit, from the main stage at Coachella to Governors Ball to Lollapalooza.

On June 26 at Glastonbury, Parker played special guest to Mark Ronson, whose hit album , which represents a sea change for Parker in sound and attitude, both personally and ­professionally.

To the left, with only a thin sheet of glass separating the bedroom from the footpath, is the room where Parker recorded and mixed Tame Impala's third record, , entirely on his own.

She was Marty's girlfriend, having met him at Hill Valley High School, which they both attended in 1985.An old, charming, single storey abode surrounded by modern warehouses and factories, it looks as out-of-place as you'd expect of a man whose music sounds like it's from another age.A lounge room is littered with throw cushions, Supertramp LPs and empty bottles.Before long, Prochet had skipped Paris to hang and record in Parker’s hometown of Perth, Australia.There, working in Parker’s home studio, the singer fleshed out tracks she’d recorded earlier at her grandparents’ house in the south of France.

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