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Clergy - A rabbi, which means teacher, is the spiritual leader of a Messianic congregation or synagogue.Circumcision - Messianic Jews hold that male believers must be circumcised since it is a part of keeping the Covenant.

These teachings are in-depth studies of the Scriptures through the eyes of Ruach Ha Kodesh.

Our goal is to equip both Ephraim and Judah at the family level then the community level and then the entire world (Acts ).

Other services include a beginning Hebrew class, Messianic Media Ministries, and Bar/Bat Mitzvah instruction. Contact: John & Glenda Mc Quary Phone: 832-974-4160 Email: Unifying the body, with teachings that return us back to the ancient paths.

We use the armor of Elohim, the Name and the Blood of Adon Yeshua, Davar Elohim (Word of Elohim), the gift of tongues and the gifts of Ruach Ha Kodesh to trample hasatan under our feet.

We desire to become worshipping warriors, so that we can truly say, “Not my will but Yours be done.” We are truly becoming Yisrael, the prevailing Prince.

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