Long have jensen ackles danneel harris been dating

there was an interview from long ago in one of the supernatural magazines and he talked about how when he was younger his neighbors house caught on fire and without thinking he ran into it to make sure the kids were out. she is also pretty funny, some other cw actress called their marriage a sham on twitter and danneel sent her an invitation and told her to get a dress cause it was real.

On May 30th, 2013, Danneel gave birth to a daughter - Justice Jay Ackles.

" Then Ted tweeted, @taryder (Taryn) is so excited ur actually getting married! I promise to keep it all off-record and not to kiss the groom, deal?

U and Jensen doing newlywed reality show to prove me wrong? We've been building up our tolerance for liqueur and national scorn 4yrs in hopes that some1 would afford us this opportunity." Then Ted made a post on his blog saying, Wow. Not only does this babe have the balls to banter with some jerk who said her fake marriage would never happen, she's damn smart about sticking up for herself in the process! Then she went on Teds show the Awful Truth and promised him she would tweet him pics of Jensens V-day surprise for her (which she never did). He had to have gotten on her ass because after the trainwreck she set in motion with Ted C, Danneel didnt make a single tweet for weeks. Then Jensen was photographed by the paps out and looking pissed off.

“So, if Jensen directs, then Danneel and I will come back as ghosts. And we’ll all just party.” Quite frankly, this foursome of CW stars sounds magical in real life (Hilarie and Danneel even joke about creating a “The Wives of match-up, look no further than The Ackles.

“Every time I would go to LA, I would stay at Danneel and Jensen’s house,” Burton said. I think he was like, ‘Alright, whoever Hilary dates, I’m gonna have to hang out with by proxy, so let me just pick him.’ Jensen didn’t get to have all the fun, though, as his wife got to be in on the plan, as well.

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Twins Zeppelin Bram and Arrow Rhodes were born on the 2nd December 2016.

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