Kim jaejoong and han hyo joo dating 12 year age difference dating

Then a 14 day fantasy occurs between Jae-joon and Ha-na ... The plot, setting cast, acting, even the imagery, everything was perfect.

They could have given the two main characters more time to get close to each other but other than that, perfect.

Now, she's established herself as an actress and media personality!

She's got beauty and talent to boot, plus a man who's head-over-heels crazy for her.

"Postman to Heaven" is a romance fantasy involving a special man and a love lorn woman.

She develops a fancy for Kim Soowook, who is indifferent at first but soon warms up to her.I basically loved everything about it, from the plot to the acting to the execution.Possibly it deserves a 10, and I gave it a nine just to retain a right to a higher score in the future. It touches deep chords in the hearts of anyone who has experienced the loss of a beloved one at least once.He becomes her friend and helps her to deal with the issues of her family.We're talking about various issues and 'talks of the town' regarding our stars in Korea... Today's topic is about something that really helps boost our imagination...

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