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Kraft was one of a handful of professional photographers who got an i Phone 7 Plus from Apple to test in advance of the smartphone’s release on September 16.

He came away believing i Phone 7 Plus camera represents a major leap forward in i Phone photography and in smartphone photography in general.

[i OS and Android, free] Brickshots Ever wondered what your favourite portraits would look like as Warhol-esque works of LEGO art?

And Strategery is a darn good clone of the Risk board game.

Its clever interface breaks tracks into small chunks which can be layered up and have effects applied.

Auxy's simple, visual way to make music also won it the Apple Design Award at WWDC 2016.

This South Korean Snapchat clone is finding fans among western teens, who use its huge array of animated filters to augment photos.

The results self-destruct like its rival's - albeit after 24 hours.

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