Geological dating of mountains

Quebec is also a peninsula, surrounded on 3 sides by salt water (Atlantic Ocean, Labrador Sea and Hudson Bay) and divided by the St.

Understandably, such a huge area of land will be diverse in both climate and geology, factors which influence how much diversity exists in a given place.There are three main geological regions in Quebec: the great igneous plains of the Canadian Shield, the mighty Appalachians in southern Quebec and the St. Covering over 95% of Quebec, the Canadian Shield contains some of the oldest igneous rocks in the world, dating back to the Precambrian period, over 1 billion years ago.The Canadian Shield is generally quite flat and exposed, punctuated by the higher relief of mountain ranges such as the Laurentians in southern Quebec, the Otish Mountains in central Quebec and the Torngat Mountains near Ungava Bay.In order to begin to understand the diversity of organisms and ecosystems that exist in Quebec, we have to have to look more closely at the physical features of Quebec and at the geological events that help to define them.The descriptions of the geology and vegetation zones of Quebec have been compiled from the Quebec Convention on Biological Diversity, Implementation Plan and from the introductory chapter of the Atlas of Breeding Birds of Quebec.

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