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As festivals, especially punk rock ones, are starting to become the norm – it can be hard to decide which ones to visit.Do you go the holy grail of The Fest in Gainesville, camp in Montebello for Rockfest or Indiana for Plan-It X Fest?Note: We like our language NSFW salty, and there be spoilers here...

The Ill Mac, Mister Joe Fixit and Diabolu Frank return after nearly five months with black & whitesploitation! It looks like our boy the "heart surgeon" is at it again.

It's difficult to hear, which is why it was shelved, but in a pinch this golden turd will have to doo.

Most of the discussion centers on the documentary Jodorowsky's Dune, about the aborted 1970s loose gonzo adaptation of Frank Herbert's revered science fiction novel.

Moviebar: tomorrow night, 8pm at: The Cornerstone 2-6 Elm Grove Brighton East Sussex BN2 3DD A short film I wrote, Karma Magnet is available over at Dread Central: Directed by Martin Kemp, the film stars Gary Kemp and Adele Silva. And then saw Seven Pounds and got depressed because I can’t write like that. Went to the Screenwriters’ Festival and drew some sperm: Muttered something about being forced to promote stuff even when I thought it was shit Saw a preview/promo for Fleeced: Got stuck in a rant about designing cars and then bought one to cheer myself up. Since they’re all doing it against the same background, there’re no scene changes and the illusion of a conversation is created by cutting between the different characters. I told Danny and Michelle the secret which isn’t really a secret – just something I don’t bother telling people. This human gullibility, the desperate need to believe the universe cares one way or the other what happens to you, was the jumping off point for this treatment.

And if you enjoy it (or even if you don’t) I wrote a blog post about writing the short here; which includes links for the original treatment, original script and the final shooting script which may (or may not) prove illuminating. If the Romans couldn’t get to grips with it then why the fuck should I? FEBRUARY Had a pointless conversation with an Air Hostess in the middle of a forest. Decided, more or less on a whim, never to speak to anyone ever again. Decided I didn’t want to be in Battlestar Galactica. Got a phone call from the Mail on Sunday who wanted to talk to me about not being in Cannes. There were a couple of bits of other footage dropped in occasionally, but for all intents and purposes, from a script point of view, it’s one scene for 90 pages. The second draft, along with some story and character changes, was about moving the characters to locations whic reflect their personalities. Met some more writers in the pub: Paul Campbell, Danny Stack, Lara Greenway, Michelle Lipton and Oli … Danny immediately left the pub, Michelle wanted to hug me. Cut out every other word in the vague feeling it might make it exciting and mysterious. I’m assuming everyone can work out you need to click on the blue words to read the document.

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