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My Aunt Suzy was a few years younger than my mother at 36 and had about the same build.She was about 5’7 and 135 lbs., although most of that weight was due to her tits."Hey, baby," my mother greeted me as she always did as she brushed by me in the hallway that morning, "Get your shower and come-on to breakfast, we're running a little late."Our morning routine had become a well-choreographed dance.We never needed alarm clocks since our bedrooms in the small apartment were we lived were next to each other. It all started about a few years ago when I was 18.I went to my Aunt Suzy’s house to spend the day swimming with my cousins, Brian and Lisa.Brian was a year older at 19 and was a sophomore in college.He was about my size at 6’0 and couldn’t be more than 165 lbs.

Without missing a beat, she went out and found work as a loan processor for a bank downtown and had since worked way up to underwriter, whatever that was. All I know is I never went hungry or barefoot a day since 'dear old dad' left thanks to her.Lisa was my age at 18 and we were both seniors in high school.Lisa was the type of girl that you knew would be hot at an early age. They looked exactly like Chasey Lain’s, eyes that you just stared into when she spoke.She worked hard and did a great job of raising me without a man around making sure I made it off to school before she'd race for her own bus and somehow managing to get home in the afternoon in time put together a meal for two.Nothing fancy, often just burgers on toast and fries, but it was important to her to be there for me at the beginning and the end of the day and I loved her for it. Maybe it was how are bodies made contact in the hallway that morning.

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