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Reporter Tristram Korten tracked Nidia Diaz and her team.

KORTEN1 It’s a cold December night in the city of South Miami. She’s a petite Cuban-American wearing Louis Vuitton heels and a .38 caliber pistol. ACT NIDIA – Jose Fernandez ((: XX)) “Estamos buscando Jose Fernandez y Maria Fernandez Leon.” KORTEN 4 Diaz owns Best Bail Bonds in Miami.

By Tristram Korten Florida Center for Investigative Reporting Has the economic crash made it harder for Florida authorities to go after criminals who flee the country? ACT DIAZ “Late 2007, beginning of 2008 I noticed a change in our industry.” AZ: Diaz is a bail bonds woman.

The Florida Center for Investigative Reporting partnered with Under the Sun on WLRN to explore the shadowy world of hunting fugitives during a down economy. You hire someone like her when you’re charged with a crime and can’t afford bail. In exchange, you pay her a 10 percent fee – and you put up some property as collateral. Until 2008, and the collapse of the real estate market.

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These vocab words will help you a lot in your competitive exams.For a majority of people these words serve as a poignant reminder of human atrocities committed in the past in a bid to avoid repeating history, but for some they also reverberate uncomfortably with current events.The existence of Guantanamo Bay and reports of extrajudicial killings, rendition and torture of suspected terrorists in a post-9/11 global political climate, keep these prophetic words rooted in contemporary debates on the meaning of human rights in a world obsessed with “security”.For those who are cynical about the prospects of any real threat to human rights from the highly securitised form of modern governance, there are more concrete cases closer to home, which provide a focal point for growing concerns over what is viewed as a gradual erosion of civil liberties in Britain.Last year the British government won a legal battle to extradite five Muslim men to the USA under a special arrangement with the Americans.

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