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There will be a silence for you to repeat the sentences of Person A. After practicing several times, you will be able to speak as fast as a native. "B: "I have so much time on my hands and I have nothing to do."A: "Why don't you go out and have fun? "B: "I thought she was going to call when she was done shopping. She was literally screaming on the phone over this."A: "Ok.

"B: "I would like to, but I have to save some money so I can't go out all the time."A: "That sucks."B: "After a while, I start to feel anxious."A: "Try relaxing and reading a good book.

These are normal reactions and all part of working through the emotional divorce from your ex.

Working through these feeling is important, because not dealing with your emotions after divorce can hold you bound to your ex and prevent you from moving on.

It’s not that they’re unfeeling robots, or have a easy life with no upsets, it’s just that they’ve learned emotional control just like they learned to read or write.

Pick out someone you respect and see just how they react and handle a situation and aim to pick up their good habits.

Always talk to your doctor before starting any treatments or if you are unsure of your current health status.But if anger causes you to lash out at close friends, throwing damaging insults or causing physical harm, this strong emotion is a problem needing to brought into line. It’s okay to be angry but it needs to be directed to the right place, last a short while, cause no damage and be quickly put behind you.Emotional control is a learnable skill Some people are more in control than others.You can expect to experience a wide range of emotions after divorce.One day you may feel excited about your new-found freedom, while the next day may find you moping around the house mourning the loss of the life you used to have.

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That's always a good way to kill time."B: "That's true.

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