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He’s not to be confused with his twin brother, Kelly Donovan, who was actually joined the cast to play Xander's double in The Replacement and fill in for a sick Brendon in Intervention., 36, captioned the amazing snapshot of Boreanaz, 44, sandwiched between Deschanel and Gellar. Gellar's latest Buffy teaser comes two weeks after she reunited and shared an Instagram photo with former costars Seth Green and Michelle Trachtenberg on Feb. While the actors have all moved on since their Buffy days -- Trachtenberg starred on -- Buffy fans still fondly associate the WB (and CW) stars with their characters on Joss Whedon's supernatural series, as evidenced by Gellar's Thursday Reddit AMA.David has been married to his second wife Jamie Bergman for eight years, since 2001.David and Jamie have two children – 7-year-old Jaden and nearly 2-month-old daughter Bardot.David Boreanaz and his wife of eight years, Jaime Bergman, were all lovey-dovey at the opening night of Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza on Oct. But behind their smiles, the couple is dealing with a dark revelation: David cheated on Jaime throughout her recent pregnancy!Star has learned exclusively that the Bones star — who welcomed daughter Bardot six weeks ago — was seeing brunette beauty Rachel Uchitel, a NYC events planner, since the spring when he celebrated his 40th birthday at a club she works for, Griffin.“Without massive special effects, that ship has probably sailed — and that’s fine with me.” Where does your allegiance lie? Read more: Sarah Michelle Gellar Says Buffy Belongs with Angel, Not Spike — Do You Agree?They say you know you’re getting on in years when policemen start getting younger.

The end of Buffy was only the beginning for Sarah Michelle Gellar, even though she hasn’t exactly gone on to find a role that eclipses the one that made her a star.She went, and they had a major connection.” During their relationship, which Rachel ended two weeks after Bardot’s birth, David and Rachel saw each other once a month in NYC or L.A., and spoke on the phone or via text message up to 50 times a day!Some might even say it made him the strongest of them all…As for the man who played him, Nicholas Brendon, well, things got a little turbulent in his personal life post Buffy but he still went on to play a pastry chef on TV series Kitchen Confidental, pop up in a few episodes of Grey’s Anatomy spin-off private practice AND land a recurring role on Criminal Minds.

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Even though their romance was long-distance, when together, the chemistry was electric.

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