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This is the seventh story in an exclusive series about the funding behind politically active tax-exempt organizations that don’t disclose their donors. A secretive, well-funded group whose name gives the misleading impression that it is solely focused on health care issues gave more than million in 2010 to other tax-exempt groups, many of which spent millions on TV ads attacking Democrats running for the House and Senate and have begun spending for the same purpose this year.

None of the groups — including eight of the most politically active nonprofits in 2010 — disclose their donors, and the role of the Center to Protect Patient Rights (CPPR) in funding them has not previously been reported.

It is argued that coastal management needs to be reconceptualised as a transformative practice of deliberative coastal governance.

A foundation comprising four deliberative or process outcomes is posited.

The Motion Picture Association of America, the main trade group representing the biggest Hollywood studios, has shifted its lobbying and funding strategy in the past couple years increasingly toward Republican politicians and causes.

The MPAA has historically been seen as closely associated with Democrats, dating back to the era when it was run by Jack Valenti, a former aide to President Lyndon Johnson.

Politics is not supposed to be their primary purpose, although critics say many of the organizations have stretched the rules too far.American Future, which is based in Iowa, ran a series of hard-hitting ads against Democratic candidates around the country in 2010 that left little doubt where the group stood, even when the ads didn’t refer to the election.“With the biggest tax cut in American history looming, [Bruce] Braley was the deciding vote to adjourn the house.And the thing is, the increased ability to sort out potential mates according to predefined preferences may also be making the United States more politically polarized.In 1999, only two percent of American singles had used an online dating service in their search for a partner, but that number has grown exponentially in the years since.

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People who use dating sites are choosing matches based on criteria that are highly correlated with political preferences, and social scientists fear that will go a long way toward making us less tolerant citizens.

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