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Post-85 employees benefit from trip rates in that the items previously not payable to them are now included in the averaged amount so that the post-85 employees are paid essentially the same as pre-85 employees.

(There are but three exceptions, overtime commencement, the short crew allowance and the service scale, or entry percentage level).

And there was the Dead's extended family, which wandered on and off the stage, a vast circus of soundmen, equipment haulers, bikers, dancers, dealers, soothsayers, and hangers-on.

One thing was different: the sound system, the biggest damn thing anyone had ever seen. Originally, the Dead's LSD supplier, indeed the supplier to the world, but that had stopped years before.

But if this is, in fact, your first Dead show, and you scored a coveted ticket, we strongly urge you to keep that bit of info to yourself. Related: While you're in town, here are 15 things you should never say to a Chicagoan.

RELATED: Daddy's Shrimp Pasta With that, I can assure you: Some pain is so loud that it loops back around to total silence. Immediately after Greg died—before flowers and donations and the bizarre realties of rental caskets and cremation wands—my brothers and my sister and my mom and dad and I perused a list of Dead songs to pull lyrics for Greg's prayer cards. RELATED: What I Learned From My Radical Midwestern Mom Even amidst the chaos, it was abundantly clear: The Dead was Greg's religion.These trip rates are simply an average of what each run paid, on a per trip basis, to protected employees during a test period of one year.The trip rates were derived using items referred to as "National Pay Elements" which were included in the calculations. Exhausted from years of touring, worn out by bickering and nonstop partying, and still grieving over the loss of a founding member of the band, the Dead are calling it quits. Specifically, it was October 16, 1974, the start of a five-night stand at Winterland in San Francisco. The Hells Angels were out in force…it was rumored that a ramp had been built onto the stage to accommodate the bikes.Before they split up, they will do one last run of concerts. The Haight-Ashbury Free Medical Clinic maintained its usual "office" at the back of the hall.

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It stretched right to the ceiling of Winterland, about forty feet straight up. Man, that's Owsley." He whispered the name, like it was a mantra, a sacred name. He was the Dead's soundman, recording engineer, and creator of the monstrous speaker system in front of me.

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