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The fact that computers can be too fast indicates the need for user-interface changes, like animations, to be timed according to a real-time clock rather than being timed as an indirect effect of the computer's execution speed: Even if a faster model computer is substituted, the user interface should stay usable.

In cases where the computer cannot provide fairly immediate response, continuous feedback should be provided to the user in form of a percent-done indicator [Myers 1985].

Ivy Tech Community College intends to provide a safe place for all students.

Violent behavior, direct or indirect threats, harassment, or intimidation will not be tolerated.

A student may appeal these sanctions by following the appropriate appeal process.

All student actions/behaviors are also governed by local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

For example, maybe you're a secret ballroom dancer, you've hiked up Mount Everest, you're a 10 time marathon runner.

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Students who become aware of a threatening situation or potential for violence should contact Campus Security or the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs immediately. A: The report is routed to the campus Title IX Coordinator for review.

Students can also utilize the incident report form via My Ivy or directly at ivytech.edu/incident. The College will address all reports of sexual misconduct in a manner fitting the information that is shared.

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