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Lawrence Iroquoians, all independent peoples, spoke Iroquoian languages.

In the larger sense of linguistic families, they are often considered Iroquoian peoples because of their similar languages and cultures, all culturally and linguistically descended from the Proto-Iroquoian people and language; however, they were traditionally enemies of the nations in the Iroquois League.

are a historically powerful northeast Native American confederacy.

The historic Erie, Susquehannock, Wyandot (Huron), and St.In Mohawk, the official language of the full Council, the overall name was Rotinonsionni or Hotinonsionni; the Seneca referred to them as Goano'ganoch'sa'jeh'seroni and in Tuscarora, they are known as Akunęhsyę̀niˀ (Rudes, B., Tuscarora English Dictionary, Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1999) or the "Six Nations," (the Five Nations and Five Nations of the Iroquois before 1722).The League is governed by a Grand Council, an assembly of fifty chiefs or sachems, each representing one of the clans of one of the nations.The first time it appears in writing is in the account of Samuel de Champlain of his journey to Tadoussac in 1603, where it occurs as "Irocois". Hewitt responded to Hale's etymology in 1888 by expressing doubt that either of those words even exist in the respective languages.Over the years, several competing theories have been proposed for this name's ultimate origin— the earliest such proposal is by the Jesuit priest Pierre François Xavier de Charlevoix, who wrote in 1744: The name Iroquois is purely French, and is formed from the term Hiro or Hero, which means I have said— with which these Indians close all their addresses, as the Latins did of old with their dixi— and of Koué, which is a cry sometimes of sadness, when it is prolonged, and sometimes of joy, when it is pronounced shorter. His preferred etymology at the time was from Montagnais irin "true, real" and ako "snake", plus the French -ois suffix, though he later revised his theory to state that the source was Algonquin Iriⁿakhoiw.

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Each nation within the Iroquoian family had a distinct language, territory and function in the League.

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