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We were together for 10 years after my injury and if anything the injury brought us closer together.

The last couple years we were together we just grew farther and farther apart, we had different interests it just wasn’t working. The day came when she would move out and two emotions quickly came over me, the first was the feeling of freedom and independence.

If you have both aspects, then try and see what works for the both of you. But adding the issues of a spinal cord injury and how your body reacts, what feels good and simply not knowing can make it much harder. We’ve all heard the speech on communication and learn to be open, just talk about it.

Its not much different than the rest of the population. Well, after a few beers in a crowded bar with loud music playing, I say bullshit.

Posted by Dion Regular in Blog on Apr 14, 2014 Dating and Relationships after an Injury One of the most popular topics that I am asked when I meet people with new injuries is how will my dating and relationships be affected.

After an injury a majority of individuals lack self-confidence.

If someone truly loves you, they will love you for the person you are, the person they fell in love with.

A couple of popular statements I hear are “who would want to date someone in a chair” or “how can they love me the same when I cannot do the things I have done before”.

In some instances, the injury is so severe, the victim is permanently disabled.

If you, or a family member has suffered a spinal cord injury due to the carelessness of an individual or business, I'd like to help answer your questions and determine what legal rights you or that family member has.

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