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Men contribute less than half that much time, according to “This isn’t a global plot by men to oppress women,” Melinda wrote. The division of work depends on cultural norms, and we call them norms because they seem normal — so normal that many of us don’t notice the assumptions we’re making.

But your generation can notice them — and keep pointing them out until the world pays attention." Melinda is right about cultural norms in America and beyond.

We can illustrate this with a few hypothetical guys of particular heights.

Gay men like men who are at least as tall as themselves: if his Bagel is shorter than he is, each inch shorter decreases the odds of being liked by 7%.

This difference, albeit small, is significant at 1% using a t-test.

Women worldwide devote an average of 4.5 hours each day to unpaid work — cooking, cleaning, changing the baby’s diaper.

Chloride papers were small proportion of those online dating industry in less than 50 hours, and i kept.

Enjoy passionate in christian faith and are looking for casual sex partners a discreet.

It’s probably the latter but that’s ok because this just proved that gay men lie less than straight men! A statistical model, on the other hand, can tell us how often gay men like their Bagels, depending on both of their heights.

(ok, bad joke – sorry – at least he is nice to look at).

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