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Therefore, she argues, the only way to introduce more sexual freedom to the Arab world is through Islam, a religion that was far more tolerant of the needs of the flesh 1,000 years ago than it is today. A: The reason I chose sex was because of my connection to HIV/AIDS.

In March, El Feki joined novelist and former sex worker Tracy Quan for an event hosted by the Reason Foundation at New York City’s Museum of Sex. Q: We tend to think of the Arab world in very political terms. If you want to understand HIV in the Arab world, you have to look at sex, because it is the major route of transmission for most cases in the region.

Coordinated by the Vibe Agency, the party served as the kickoff for a series of six Pink Carpet Parties taking place around the country through Friday. party in Miami linked with a screening like you do in New York and L. “As an event planner, I wanted to do something fabulous and different to give people a full experience inspired by the movie.”Before heading to the screening at the Regal South Beach Cinema, guests attended the 90-minute preparty at the 1111 Lincoln Road Event Space across the street.

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Padma Schrewelius, opinionsbildande journalist och logoped. Jag hoppas kunna lyfta komplexiteten i frågor på den nivå som de förtjänar att beröras.

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Because it interacts with politics and with economics and with religion and with tradition and gender and generations.

At the end of the day, if you really want to know a people, start by looking inside their bedrooms.

Jag försöker koppla min personliga kärna till den värld och det samhälle vi lever i.

Born to an Egyptian father and Welsh mother, she was motivated by 9/11 to seek a better understanding of her Arab and Islamic heritage.

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