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He will be aware that I am doing it, but I won't be reading it unless I have a good reason to do so. Most chat programs have some sort of logging capability, either optional or by default.

I use an enhancement software made to shell around AOL called Power Tools.

Good luck with the kid, look under "My AOL- Preferences- Chat" or somesuch.

I can't find the right sequence right now, Power Tools gives a different set of menu options.

Unless you have prior written authorization from AOL, Inc., you may not register for additional master accounts. By registering as a Member, you will receive a password, a "master account," choice of an associated screen name, and the ability to have up to four other "sub-accounts" and associated screen names; provided, you may not select or use a screen name of another person (unless it is also your name), a name in violation of a third partys property rights, or a screen name that AOL, Inc. A Member may permit another individual, including a minor, to use the Members sub-accounts subject to the following limitations: The Member must agree to (1) supervise the other individuals use of the Members accounts, (2) assume any and all resulting liabilities of such use, including responsibility for any and all content accessed on AOL or the Internet, (3) hold AOL harmless for any such use of AOL for a person other than the Member, and (4) acknowledge that the decision to allow another individual to use the account is made by the Member and not AOL, Inc. sends important notices about your membership to the master account holder, you agree to check the master account regularly and bear the risk of failing to do so. Members who have had their AOL membership terminated may not access AOL without AOL, Inc.s prior express written (including e-mail) permission. If you have elected to pay for AOL by credit card and AOL, Inc.

Members may not allow a former Member or other agent whose membership has been terminated to use their account. You may obtain current rates and surcharges for using AOL by calling AOL, Inc.s Customer Service at 1-800-827-6364 or by selecting "Billing" under "Member Services" (or keyword "Billing"). explains billing practices under "Explain Billing Terms." Such rates do not include any sales, use, value-added, personal property, or other governmental tax or levy imposed on goods or services billed to Members account. does not receive payment from the card issuer or its agents, you agree to pay all amounts due upon demand by AOL, Inc.

Reflects on both overly optimistic stances toward technology and stances that position the students as aliens and cyborgs.

Your continued use of AOL following the Effective Date of any such change to the TOS constitutes acceptance of all such changes. Failure to do this shall constitute a breach of this agreement and unauthorized access to AOL. Additionally, you may not use your screen name in violation of the TOS or in ways AOL deems inappropriate (e.g., sending or causing to be sent mass e-mail solicitations). reserves the right to delete any such screen name or to request deletion. You are entirely liable for all activities conducted through your master account and any sub-accounts.

Unauthorized access to AOL could result in immediate termination of your account and subject you to civil and criminal liability. A Member may not permit another individual to use the Members master account without direct supervision by the Member.

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For additional information on re- registration and multiple accounts, see Section 10 below. Each time you use AOL you agree and reaffirm that AOL, Inc.

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