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If they haven’t done their planning, there is a good chance they won’t meet their goals. It should come as no surprise that many CPAs and other financial services professionals feel strongly about retirement.

Clients are living longer, facing new challenges and risks. They need an answer to the all-important question, “Will my income be sustainable in retirement?

That means whether you’re in Bombay, Bogota or Bangkok, you can now officially subscribe to and stream Netflix.

Earlier this year, Netflix went fully global: it launched simultaneously in 130 new countries.In the first quarter of 2016, the Californian company is expecting 6.1m new subscribers.Its market cap has doubled from around bn (£14bn) in January last year, to bn today, putting it on the heels of entertainment behemoth Time Warner, which owns HBO and the Warner Brothers Hollywood studio, and is valued at bn.” According to 1st Global’s Director of Distribution/Planning David Vaikness, 1st Global’s Sustainable Income Solutions™ (SIS) process provides a framework to answer that question.Through a five-step process, an advisor can guide clients toward their personal vision of retirement, identify the unique risks that they face, and provide outcome-based solutions to hedge against those risks.

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