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Through discussion, reading, and films we will explore topics such as the meaning of friendship for women, how women’s friendships have been portrayed in literature and film, the link between friendship and social activism for women, and the political meanings of women’s friendship in cultures resistant to woman-centered consciousness.(Can be taken for Social Science or Arts credit.)An exploration of the collective action of women in the past and present in North America."Dieta şi stilul de viaţă mediteraneene sunt foarte sănătoase pentru inimă şi previn diabetul de tip 2, anumite forme de cancer şi demenţa.This course examines a diverse range of women’s friendships.Focus will be on application of issues important to studying social life using multiple perspectives while exercising the sociological imagination.Topics may include discussion of culture, gender, social stratification, race and ethnicity, family, and crime and deviance.Oamenii de ştiinţă au rămas însă uimiţi de starea de sănătate exemplară a locuitorilor unei anumite regiuni din Italia.

Written documentation of the Cur dogs in the British Isles goes back to Wales in 920 A. bugeilgi) was the value of the most important beast in the herd being worked. Bewick further describes the cur dog as "a trusty and useful servant to the farmer and grazier; and, although it is not taken notice of by naturalists as a distinct race, yet it is now so generally used, especially in the North of England, and such great attention is paid in breeding it, that we cannot help considering it as a permanent kind.They are larger, stronger, and fiercer than the Shepherd's Dog; and their hair is smoother and shorter. Their ears are half-pricked; and many of them are whelped with short tails, which seem as if they had been cut: These are called Self-tailed Dogs.They bite very keenly; and as they always make their attack at the heels, the cattle have no defense against them: In this way they are more than a match for a Bull, which they quickly compel to run. They know their master's fields, and are singularly attentive to the cattle that are in them: A good Dog watches, goes his rounds; and, if any strange cattle should happen to appear amongst the herd, although unbidden, he quickly flies at them, and with keen bites obliges them to depart." According to Mr L. Ladner whose family has owned these dogs for several generations, the Black Mouth Cur was called a black mouth due to the black lips around the mouth. For purposes of litigation, three types of curs were identified: the guarding cur, the hunting cur, and the herding cur. callawedd) was worth twenty-four pence, the value of the Kings staghound (W. The dog in question was certainly large and powerful) was a pound, and the value of the herding cur (W.They are chiefly employed in driving cattle; in which way they are extremely useful.

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